PostgreSQL DEV image available (credential could be found in CS6.7SP1/7.0 patch notes, google is also your friend).

This VM image has a Postgres Database, Documentum Content Server, Postgres based pre-configured repository (MyRepo),
DA and REStful services deployed on apache-tomcat server.

Steps to use the VM player for running the VM image

1. Extract the CentOSPostgres18Feb.rar file using WinRAR.

This rar file contains:
-Documentum Reference Guides: Refernce guides related to documentum

2. Download and install the VMware player 6.0.1 or any other VM Player which supports ovf format. 

3. Once the VMware player is running , launch the VM by selecting the *.ovf file.

4. If the host CPU is Intel 64 bit ,you may encounter an error regarding Intel VT-x being disabled on the machine;
   reboot the machine and goto BIOS setting-> under CPU settings, enable Intel Virtualization preference.

5. Once the VM Image is up and running login with dmadmin/password credential.

6. Once you login in to the VM, refer readme in $HOME directory.

7 . root user password for VM image is password.


the download address has been changed, new address is

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