Dumb UCF applet

It seems that EMC has changed their release policy, and now we got support of JRE 1.7.0_55 in webtop within two weeks after general availability of JRE 1.7.0_55, or may be it is just a happenstance, judge for yourselves what is more probable, below I provided release dates of JRE and corresponding webtop versions (actually, it’s worth to note that both webtop 6.7SP2P05 and 6.7SP2P07 did not support corresponding JRE versions fully – it was required to relax JRE security settings to get working UCF):

JRE version/release date webtop version/release date gap
1.7.0_21/2013-04-16 6.7SP2P02/May, 2013 6 weeks
1.7.0_25/2013-06-18 6.7SP2P05/August, 2013 10 weeks
1.7.0_45/2013-10-15 6.7SP2P07/October, 2013 2 weeks
1.7.0_51/2014-01-14 6.7SP2P11/February, 2014 6 weeks
1.7.0_55/2014-04-15 6.7SP2P13/April, 2014 2 weeks

Now release notes states following:

The problem is that highlighted statement is wrong in some cases. When wdk renders applet tag it sets codebase url to something like /webtop/_0/187jtsvb0-97rf/wdk/system, the _0/187jtsvb0-97rf/ part is generated by ClientCacheControl filter (see web.xml) and depends on modification time and size of ucfinit.jar file (though, I do believe, it would better to use checksum approach – see explanation below). So, every time when you redeploy wdk-application (actually if you are using antiResourceLocking in tomcat it also happens after every tomcat restart), the modification time of ucfinit.jar changes and ClientCacheControl filter generates new url part for ucfinit.jar. What does happen on JRE side? Because applet url has been changed, JRE considers it as a new applet and asks user again whether he wants to allow access or not :(.

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