Docker and Documentum. Part I

About ten yeas ago I was a student and worked for hosting provider, on those days commodity servers didn’t have fast CPUs and lots of memory, virtualization technologies looked just like a proof of concept, but some hosting clients had a strong desire to have some private environment with superuser access. The most popular solutions (now such solutions are known as “containers”.) to provide such environments for clients was:

  • FreeBSD Jail – the most mature and popular solution at that moment, but limited to FreeBSD only
  • SWsoft Virtuozzo, now it’s known as Parallels Virtuozzo – had a lot of features, but most of them was unclaimed by hosting providers, so Virtuozzo was looking overpriced
  • VServer project – we used this one

Later CPUs got faster, memory got cheaper, in 2006 both Intel and AMD introduced hardware virtualization support and we got virtualization boom. But progress made in spirals and now containers are in favor of DevOps again. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, released on June 2014, ships with Docker support, and, so, I decided to try Documentum in Docker container, and the result is:

2 thoughts on “Docker and Documentum. Part I

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