D2 and LockBox setup

If you read my thoughts about security features implemented in LockBox carefully, you may find that I do not setup environment variables to make LockBox libraries work – I use clb.library.path system property to setup location of LockBox libraries. Why do I do so? The answer is simple: it’s more convenient than setup environment variables, moreover, as I found out, a lot of windows users experience difficulties with environment variables when trying to setup LockBox for different applications on the same machine.

So, instead of modifying PATH environment variable (or LD_LIBRARY_PATH on UNIX) just add -Dclb.library.path=<path to LockBox libraries> to java command-line arguments:

~]$ java -cp D2.jar:LB.jar:LBJNI.jar \
> -Dclb.library.path=./linux_gcc34_x64 com.emc.common.java.crypto.SetLockboxProperty \
> lockbox D2Method.passphrase test
JVM : 1.7.0_09-icedtea (64bits)
'lockbox/D2.lockbox' file updated
'D2Method.passphrase' property updated

4 thoughts on “D2 and LockBox setup

  1. fyi… this isn’t required any longer in d2 4.5. It handled this automatically for you with the configurator.


  2. Hi,
    I am trying to write a standalone DF/D2 program. I create a DFC session and then make it in D2 context by D2Session.initTBO. I think perform normal DFC set, save operation on a sysobject. When I try to apply a D2 configuration like D2AuditConfig.apply I get the below error How to correct this??

    ERROR 1 – D2 lockbox file or D2Method.passphrase property within it could not be found.
    Exception in thread “main” DfException:: THREAD: main; MSG: Impossible to decrypt the method server response; ERRORCODE: ff; NEXT: null
    at com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2Method.start(D2Method.java:417)

    Also, cant it disable Lockbox altogether in 7.2+D24.5 environment?

    Thanks in advance


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