What is wrong in Documentum. Part III

Now the first part of my own thoughts about missing features in Documentum (actually EMC has launched Enhancement Request System (ERS) program, however I have no idea what are they going to achieve using this program – aren’t their product managers able to check the bug tracker?).
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What is wrong in Documentum. Part II

At first, I would like to thank Dave for clarifying TSG’s points, but one his statement has got me stumped:

We would see it as very difficult for Documentum to hire new engineers for an old code base. That being said, there are C developers available but they are different from the Java engineers.

Let’s forget about Content Sever and it’s C/C++ codebase and start to talk about DFC – it is written in Java and, according to TSG, DFC was rewritten from scratch some time ago, so there are no doubts that DFC codebase is “modern”.
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What is wrong in Documentum? Part I

Two weeks ago I read interesting blogpost about Documentum future. Actually, the blogpost mentioned above is very controversial from a technical point of view, but it gave me idea to write this one. TSG guys are worried about non-existence of Documentum 8 roadmap, but when I have taken a look at “improvements” which were made in Content Server since 5.3 release (7 years have passed since 6.0 release), I found out that the count of new features, introduced in 6.x – 7.x releases, is hardly enough even for one major release. Below I have tried to combine all release highlights into one single list (let me know if I have missed something): Continue reading