Another one security “best practice” from EMC

If something goes wrong – turn off DEP:

What is DEP? I have found a nice explanation here: How do ASLR and DEP work? And The Wikipedia has following opinion about DEP:

DEP occasionally encounters software problems, usually with older software that was not compiled and tested to conform to its restrictions. Users have experienced problems using various command-line commands that are a part of Microsoft’s Services for Unix, which is included as part of Vista as well as Windows Server 2003 R2.

These problems may be prevented by disabling DEP, but this increases vulnerability of the system to malware. DEP can be turned off on a per-application basis, or turned off entirely for all non-essential Windows programs and services. Microsoft recommends that DEP not be globally disabled where an application malfunctions due to incompatibility with DEP. Instead, the supplier of the offending software should be contacted for an updated version that does not violate DEP; until the problem is corrected DEP may be disabled on an exception basis for the offending application only.

DEP is applied to an entire process, so even an application compatible with DEP may need to have it disabled if a non-DEP-compliant extension is added that runs in the same process space. For example, DEP-related problems can occasionally occur with DEP-compliant core operating system components such as Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and Windows Installer as they support in-process third party extensions or plugins that may not be DEP-compliant

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