Dynamic groups. Advances. Part V

Previously I had written that to utilize DfPrivilegedActionInRole capability in DFC you need either to modify java.policy or create special docbase module. Today, while implementing functionality for project, I revealed that both options are not suitable for that project, so I decided to dig a bit deeper into internals of DfPrivilegedActionInRole/RoleRequestManager classes and after a while I got following alternative for DfPrivilegedActionInRole class, which requires neither docbase modules nor modifying java.policy:

 * @author Andrey B. Panfilov <andrew@panfilov.tel>
public class PrivilegedActionInRole<T> implements PrivilegedAction<T> {

    private final PrivilegedAction<T> _action;

    private final DfRoleSpec _roleSpec;

    public PrivilegedActionInRole(DfRoleSpec roleSpec,
            PrivilegedAction<T> action) {
        _roleSpec = roleSpec;
        _action = action;

    public T run() {
        try {
            return _action.run();
        } finally {

    public static DfRoleSpec startPrivilegedRequest(String groupName) {
        return startPrivilegedRequest(new DfRoleSpec(groupName));

    public static DfRoleSpec startPrivilegedRequest(String groupName,
            String docbaseName) {
        return startPrivilegedRequest(new DfRoleSpec(groupName, docbaseName));

    public static void stopPrivilegedRequest(DfRoleSpec roleSpec) {
        RoleRequestManager requestManager = RoleRequestManager.getInstance();

    public static DfRoleSpec startPrivilegedRequest(DfRoleSpec roleSpec) {
        RoleRequestManager requestManager = RoleRequestManager.getInstance();
        requestManager.push(roleSpec, new AccessControlContext(
                new ProtectionDomain[] {}));
        return roleSpec;


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