Schema diagrams for PostgreSQL


I have made some progress towards the longstanding goal of drawing nice diagrams of database schemas. Firstly, I’ve figured out how to use yEd‘s Entity Relationship node types as table nodes. These special node types have both a node label, and an additional content field. The additional field is normally free text but can also contain HTML data (akin to GraphViz‘s support for HTML nodes).

So a database table can be drawn with its name in the label, and a list of fields in the node body. And, with HTML mode, that list can be a table with columns for name, type, PK/FK status, etc.

But yEd has not quite caught up with GraphViz. In GraphViz, cells in an HTML table can be identified with ports, and an edge drawn between nodes can then target specific ports in each. yEd only supports a handful of predefined ports per…

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