Q & A. VI

It seems that Jens decided to take pity on myself after dmcl-applications startup time post and suggested following:

Hi Andrey,

I am working for fme in Brunswick (Germany) and one of my colleagues has created the tool DQMan. It is free to use and it helps me in my daily job to get Documentum things done faster.

It is up to you to try it:

And thank you for your really cool blogs posts here.


Jens, thanks for suggestion 🙂

At first, I managed to cut iapi startup time to 2.8s:

 ~]$ time iapi -X -Sapi </dev/null
Running with non-standard init level: api
API> Bye

real    0m2.819s
user    0m2.593s
sys     0m0.116s

All that was required is remove dumb RSA security providers:

--- java.security.emc   2015-05-07 05:34:38.593021383 +0300
+++ java.security       2015-05-08 21:30:07.008428097 +0300
@@ -43,17 +43,15 @@
 # List of providers and their preference orders (see above):

At second, I have taken a look at dqman extended video:

and I would say that DQMan seems to be the only usefula must have tool for Documentum developers and administrators – some of it’s features look really cool, for example generation of API scenario, unfortunately, I’m happy with iapi 🙂

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