Weird Composer

Previously I put doubts on EMC SDLC process, yesterday I got another prove of that.

In Documentum 7 EMC increased length of user_name/group_name attribute:

and, as expected, failed to do that without bugs:

Now, let’s check the status of “innovation” in 7.2 release (2 years since Documentum 7):

Interesting, how is it possible to develop with Composer if it provides wrong information?

6 thoughts on “Weird Composer

  1. The team in charge of composer is a little behind schedule 😛 The artifacts generated in the documentum core project are not updated… maybe in the next patch…


  2. Step by step :-). You are showing a screenshot of user_name. In 7.3 they will increase the length of user_name, now we have bigger fields for group_name…



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