How to slow down ingestion

On Friday when I was trying to insert about 200 thousand objects into repository I have noticed that ingestion rate is much slower than I was expecting, after creating a couple of thread dumps I have found out that during instantiation of new object DFC performs extra fetches from repository:

These fetches are caused by definition of attribute default values in object type – every definition of default value causes extra fetch from repository:

4 thoughts on “How to slow down ingestion

  1. Hi, Andrew!
    And so… Why does it need to perfom some RPC in order to set up default values? Isn`t that a new object?


  2. That is how data dictionary works – default value of attribute is stored in separate docbase object, for example:

    API> dump,c,t<type_name>.<attr_name>
      attr_name                       : <attr_name>
      default_value                [0]: 53024be980000935
    API> get,c,51024be980001370,_type_name
    API> dump,c,53024be980000935
      expression_name                 :
      expression_text              [0]: 1
      expression_type                 : 0
      parent_id                       : 51024be980001370

    So, when DFC tries to populate default value for attribute it needs to read that value from dm_aggr_domain. I have no idea why this kind of information is not cached in DFC: initially I thought that such ugly design gives EMC a chance to sell some extra options (i.e. I thought that this performance gap is covered by High-Volume Server option), but after further research I have found out that enabling HVS option does not improve performance for this case.


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