Java and imaging

About one month ago I was involved in project where I was need to split/convert multipage TIFFs into PNGs. Actually, there is a weird situation: at first glance EMC Documentum supports storing content in multiple pages, on the other hand there are no client application which supports this capability, so in case of multipage images customers/developers prefer to use either TIFF or PDF format, for example, below is a format distribution from one of our repositories:

Format No of documents
pdf 11200148
tif 7746475
jpeg 1036117
msw12 555678
rtf 385219
phtml 260188
msw6 248655
zip 178097
excel8book 171200
excel12book 165109
msw8 140428
excel4sheet 114212
mdi 46387
jpeg_lres 34053
crtext 34008
rar 31569
bmp 18159
png 14029
7z 9470
xml 4719
excel 3472
excel12mebook 2750
rlx 2545
mht 2126
msw 1679
gif 1457


So, TIFF format is very popular, however even in 2015 support of TIFF format in Java is very limited – there is nothing to add to Harald Kuhr’s presentation:

Fortunately, I had found a cool java library, which has passable support of TIFF format.

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