Developer “PostgreSQL” edition fun

18 months ago EMC released an extremely buggy version of Documentum Content Server intended for development purposes, some of ECN members perfectly described the situation with it:

and EMC’s reaction for such critics was extremely eloquent (I do believe that nobody likes critics, but ignoring real problems perfectly describes your respectfulness to the customers):

Three weeks ago new version of Developer Edition got appeared on EMC’s ftp server:

What we should expect from new version?

  • Networking issues are still not resolved (it is weird because I already mentioned a good receipt for that – it also must be accomplished by following shell scenario:
    cd /etc/udev/rules.d
    rm -f 70-persistent-net.rules
    rm -f 75-persistent-net-generator.rules
    echo "# " > 75-persistent-net-generator.rules


  • EMC decided to use weird lockbox feature, quote from readme file:

    4. Run dm_crypto_create and dm_crypto_boot utilities to enable Lockbox.
    4.1 Execute dm_crypto_create utility as below:
    dm_crypto_create -lockbox -lockboxpassphrase Password@123 -keyname
    aek.key -passphrase Password@123 -check

    4.2 Run dm_crypto_boot utility as below:
    dm_crypto_boot -all
    Provide the key store passphrase as “Password@123” when prompted.

    , i.e. now you will need to run

    dm_crypto_boot -all -lockbox \
     -lockboxpassphrase Password@123 -passphrase Password@123

    upon every reboot

  • xPlore still does not work:
  • there is still no reliable installer
  • and the real gem is EMC disclosed their regression tests (check /opt/Suites directory) – now you can get a real progress on developer edition 🙂

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