Security through guessing

About three weeks ago I made a decision to stop posting about security vulnerabilities in Documentum, but on Friday I have faced with amusing behaviour of webtop and I was unable to leave that fact without blogpost. Nine months ago I wrote a post about how EMC fails to read documentation. Actually, I was never considering the ability to read webtop’s configuration files through HTTP requests as vulnerability because I always follow my own best practices and never put environment-specific configuration into web application, unfortunately this point is not obvious for some developers and we may get something like:

What did cause me to write this post? On Friday I was trying to merge some changes implemented in webtop 6.8 to customised webtop 6.7 and I had noticed new weird changes in web.xml:


note, that EMC added “\.xml;” to protect config files from reading:

The problem is EMC still fails to read documentation:

2 thoughts on “Security through guessing

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