Fighting with Composer. Mac OS X

About a month ago I have bought MBP, and now I’m on a halfway of migrating from my preferred applications to something else (unfortunately, there is no replacement for TOAD (have you read latest news? DELL is about to acquire EMC) on Mac OS X). And on Friday I have faced with dumb problem: composer does not work on Mac OS X. Initially, I resolved this problem using following straightforward (that was my understanding about how eclipse works) recipe:

  • Download eclipse build for Mac OS composer is based on
  • copy Mac OS related files/directories (names contain macosx/cocoa) into composer’s plugins/directory
  • remove configuration/org.eclipse.osgi directory
  • actualize artifacts.xml and org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator/ files (replace win32/win64 entries by corresponding macosx/cococa entries from eclipse build for Mac OS)
  • profit:

After that I have found a more convenient way provided by EMC employee: Composer on Helios. Interesting, thoughts about incorrect composer distribution was raised five years ago:

Lastly, a small request from me. Before I left on my LOA and now that I am back I am always actively encouraging EMC to host and support Composer as a set of plugins from an update site, like the rest if the Eclipse community, as well as Composer as a product. But I am just one of a few voices saying this within EMC who obviously weigh our opinion up against the cost of hosting the update site. So if you would like to consume Composer from an update site, if you would like Composer to be an open -platform it is important that you let EMC know this by telling them directly or by commenting here.

but even in 2015 composer is distributed as a piece of dog crap.