Fighting with Composer. Mac OS X

About a month ago I have bought MBP, and now I’m on a halfway of migrating from my preferred applications to something else (unfortunately, there is no replacement for TOAD (have you read latest news? DELL is about to acquire EMC) on Mac OS X). And on Friday I have faced with dumb problem: composer does not work on Mac OS X. Initially, I resolved this problem using following straightforward (that was my understanding about how eclipse works) recipe:

  • Download eclipse build for Mac OS composer is based on
  • copy Mac OS related files/directories (names contain macosx/cocoa) into composer’s plugins/directory
  • remove configuration/org.eclipse.osgi directory
  • actualize artifacts.xml and org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator/ files (replace win32/win64 entries by corresponding macosx/cococa entries from eclipse build for Mac OS)
  • profit:

After that I have found a more convenient way provided by EMC employee: Composer on Helios. Interesting, thoughts about incorrect composer distribution was raised five years ago:

Lastly, a small request from me. Before I left on my LOA and now that I am back I am always actively encouraging EMC to host and support Composer as a set of plugins from an update site, like the rest if the Eclipse community, as well as Composer as a product. But I am just one of a few voices saying this within EMC who obviously weigh our opinion up against the cost of hosting the update site. So if you would like to consume Composer from an update site, if you would like Composer to be an open -platform it is important that you let EMC know this by telling them directly or by commenting here.

but even in 2015 composer is distributed as a piece of dog crap.

8 thoughts on “Fighting with Composer. Mac OS X

  1. Hi Anrdey,

    You can take e look on AquaStudio. it has version for Mac. It suppose to be pure Java solution and has a lot of functionality similar to TOAD. Have not use it for at lest 8 years, but back in 2007 it was the best alternative to TOAD. Another thing is Navicat for Oracle. It also works on Mac. It is much cheaper than TOAD and do the trick, unless you need heavy DB administration. Also, as you know, there are few plugins available for Eclipse, and MyEclipse has DB plugin as a part of the standard distribution.

    Also may I suggest to create guest VM (Parallels or Fusion) on your Mac, and install everything you like from Windows (TOAD, Stylos Studio, etc). So you will have the best of both worlds. I use to have my MAC OS plus 2 VMs (Fusion) running at the same time. Beside you can install all required VPNs on VM, and therefore you will have business system completely separate from you main OS. Parallels have an option like ‘Go to my PC, form any mac (iPAD, iPhone, etc) devices. I tried it with my iPad and it was not too bad. it cost only few $$ monthly subscription fees.

    Regarding Composer: as you know it is fading away and gradually get replace by xCP 2 workbench (another EMC marvel). So composer is not on a main route anymore, but thing of the past. So do not expect a lot.


  2. You can take e look on AquaStudio.

    Thanks, I will take a look, however I was always sceptic about “universal” software – I do not need a poor/partial support of dozen databases, I need a good support for the only one database.

    as you know it is fading away and gradually get replace by xCP 2 workbench

    At first, I doubt that EMC will ever create a production ready product (AFAIK, xCP2 is under development for four (or five?) years and it still does not work, “does not work” means that I’m unable to migrate extremely basic WDK functionality to xCP2, so, I can’t believe that it is possible to create a good product in short term if you already have wasted four years). At second, the point was about common sense and best practices, please compare: Configuring the Oracle Maven Repository and Documentum REST Extensibility Tutorial – EMC do understand nothing in software development.


  3. Hi Andrey,

    One small thing though. I would suggest to separate EMC and Documentum, even EMC owns Documentum. In my opinion, EMC has set of very robust and very good products like storage solutions, RSA, etc. Documentum is totally different story. BTW Documentum engineering promised sometimes in next 2-3 years write a xCP (3-4-5? or whatever version), which will allow to migrate your WDK and xCP 1 applications in the “new” xCP. However we already know the outcome of this effort.

    Regarding Fusion vs. Parallels – it would be “who likes coffee and who likes tea” . I used both of them and they both works fine.


  4. I would suggest to separate EMC and Documentum, even EMC owns Documentum. In my opinion, EMC has set of very robust and very good products like storage solutions, RSA, etc.

    Too sweet to be true…


  5. Just FYI, that method works just fine with the latest eclipse/composer (download mars, install emf validation, copy folders from composer, restart) and you can use the repoint plugin within the same eclipse deployment


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