Do you like obsessive advertisement?

I have no idea who was the author of dumb idea to display document’s content in a browser – I always thought that if you unable to open file in specialized application this means you are not intended to see that file. Today I noticed on LinkedIn an advertisement of another one square wheel and realised that the advertisement of ARender is really obsessive, some examples:

But being a curious person I decided to give ARender a chance and “tried” it, the result, as expected, was mediocre – 10Mb of network traffic for a small pdf file, interesting, how it can be fast (quote: “Extremely fast startup time, no application download required at client side.”) if it sends a bunch of http requests on every resize? But, may be a network traffic is not an issue anymore, after all we are in 2015. Ok, let’s explore ARender site.



Do you have any idea why I like /etc/passwd file (I believe passing /dev/zero is also a funny option)? It contains information about users’ home directories, which in turn contain .bash_history files:

Oh no…

PS. I got a response from ARender team:


We have read your blogpost thoroughly regarding the problems you raised on our document viewer, ARender.

First of all, many thanks for sending us the potential weaknesses and bugs you could find in order for us to improve and consolidate our solutions.

Regarding your raised issues about ARender’s bandwidth usage, this originates from our backward compatibility with Internet Explorer 6. As the latter does not handle resizing of pictures very well, we had to request pictures with different sizes for each window size change. Now with ARender 3, and the drop of IE6 compatibility, we will soon be able to use a rezising mechanism, with only some key pictures sizes requested on demand when the quality starts to be altered by the zoom. This will leverage the number of images requested but also the number of http requests.

For the security issue regarding the access to critical system paths, it is possible in ARender to turn off the filesystem access, and in the future, to restrict specific paths once ARender enters production environment. We also recently integrated ARender in docker, that we will try to promote and push as standard usage. As ARender is then deployed in a minimalistic environement, there will be no services exposure either than ARender itself and no access to the real host filesystem.

2 thoughts on “Do you like obsessive advertisement?

  1. Good morning,

    You didn’t try ARender4Documentum you tried the on-line demo of Arender without any integration in Documentum. Our product is great Secured, tested & certified by EMC.

    You may see it in Content Hub by EMC & request a REAL demo. Then you could evaluate correctly.

    Today 25k users are using it everyday to access their documentum content.


  2. Marc, your arguments sound like:

    I won’t enter a shop if it’s showcase is broken – shop’s owner does not respect himself, there is no reason why he will respect customers. Your demo site is a showcase – it must shine, but it’s broken, so, I don’t care about your other products. Moreover, I do not understand why you are referring EMC – they are unable to care about their own products, why they should care about yours?

    Today 25k users are using it everyday to access their documentum content.

    It’s is even not a quarter of our deployments.


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