Tricking installer

Last docker post inspired to me to write this one.
Well, imagine that I want to setup dev environment, but during installation I faced with dumb problems:

  • I want to install Oracle 11g, but the only publicly available version is (or if I want to install XE)
  • Documentum installer puts some restrictions on database version:

The solution is:

  • after you get error from installer find minimumDbVersions.ini file in /tmp directory
  • modify it to reflect actual DB version


Got asked two similar questions, the most thorough was:

got a VM running with CS 7.2 and Oracle XE (from my install notes):

  1. On the “enter license screen”
  2. drop to a shell
  3. fix /opt/documentum/product/7.2/bin/dmdbtest to contain only (w/o quotes): “exit 0”

then proceed the install

dmdbtest performs both version and connectivity checks, when you replace dmdbtest by your own implementation you either need to implement connectivity test or make sure that everything works well, “replace dmdbtest by “exit 0″ scenario” is not a “general-purpose recommendation”.

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