EMC have shared CS 7.3

Have no idea what does mean IA acronym (internet access, internal affairs?) however:

  • AIX/Oracle got resurrected – seems that money triumph over evilstupidity
  • JMS is now on wildfly 9.0.1
  • bundled JVM version is 1.8.0_66
  • Linux/PostgreSQL is corrupted – try _old directory
  • composer.jar from Linux/Oracle is corrupted, borrow it from Linux/PostgreSQL
  • docker images seem to be corrupted too:
    docker load < centpgrccs 
    6941bfcbbfca: Loading layer [==================================================>] 1.024 kB/1.024 kB
    41459f052977: Loading layer [==================================================>] 224.7 MB/224.7 MB
    open /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-import-813028725/dd1a6e7bc38e7d74bc5bb7be41e1d1d4f8d17d04cacef4cf93e3cc1ed16ce39e/json: no such file or directory
    [root@rhel72docker01 ~]# docker load < centpgseamlesscs 
    open /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-import-785439904/be8abba669364a4895c80b2e4c06d8b391faffc54a190abc6aa91ed13d423140/json: no such file or directory
  • UPD

    By tradition I forgot to read installation guide before performing installation (actually it would be just a waste of time), in order to install Linux/PostgreSQL you need following:

    • PostgreSQL database
    • /etc/odbcinst.ini
    • /etc/odbc.ini
    • connection_string environment variable pointing to ODBC’s name
    • POSTGRESQL_HOME environment variable pointing to installation directory of PostgreSQL client libraries (for example, if psql is located in /usr/bin/psql POSTGRESQL_HOME should be /usr)
    • remove $DM_HOME/bin/liblber-2.4.so.2


    CS distribution media contains special java utility (MigrationUtil, sources are available) which allows to change hostname, installation owner and even docbase identifier and name of already installed repository, it seems that EMC considers idea about distributing CS as ready to run docker image seriously.


    MigrationUtil mentioned previously have turn out to be a piece of dog crap – you may use it only if you want to corrupt your database.


    Have no idea how is it possible to do docker without understanding it’s basic concepts – docker images are tar archives, not zip:

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