Q & A. XII

Yesterday I was asked a weird question, and answer for that question deservers an individual blogpost 🙂



I always try to follow up your posts and most of the times it just leaves me confused because some of the conclusions drawn here are contradictory from what EMC guides say. I was currently looking into an issue where the application throws “No more available sessions” error. One of the approach that I was thinking of suggesting was using session manager to release session instead of session.disconnect that we have seen caused some issues in the past for one of our applications. Can you throw some light on this?

Further, from what I see above – Is this always the recommended approach of getting session?
IDfSessionManager sMgr = client.newSessionManager();
Session = sMgr.getSession();

Do we have any particular scenario where private session is used using “IDfSessionManager.newSession()”?
A video from EMC architect that uses this code – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjcxOfiiCNM


This blogpost is not about “how to do Documentum routines”, it is about challenges which I have faced with and how I have managed those challenges, if you think that my opinion is inconsistent with EMC’s documentation/guides/white papers/etc you are always free to take advantage of your support contract and ask EMC why their documentation is a piece of shit, but don’t ask me about that – when I writing a blogpost I always trying to provide some code snippet to prove my opinion.