I know a little bit about SQL performance!

Yesterday I was reading “document” called “EMC® Documentum® Platform and Platform Extensions Version 7.3 Installation Guide” and have noticed a couple of weird statements/recommendations, these statements are:

Actually, I have “skipped” really insane recommendations like “Change the value of Servername in ODBC.INI to localhost” (p. 94) or “put plaintext passwords in odbc.ini” (p. 93), but the last one related to data clustering have attracted my attention. I was already familiar with such concept in Oracle (Index-Organized Tables, Table Clusters), but did know nothing neither about MSSQL nor PostgreSQL (nevertheless the idea to align data according to primary key sounds stupid despite the database vendor). The interesting thing here is the fact that in case of MSSQL official documentation is wrong:

Clustered indexes sort and store the data rows in the table or view based on their key values. These are the columns included in the index definition. There can be only one clustered index per table, because the data rows themselves can be sorted in only one order

The good news is I have found a cool blog which sheds a light on various aspects of database implementations. This blog has a 3-minute quiz and I have hit 100%:

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