ETL 01: Documentum -> MuleSoft -> Filesystem

Interesting blogpost about MuleSoft and Documentum, though I prefer to use Apache Camel 🙂

Digital Transformation Patterns

This post is the first in a series focused on Extract-Transform-Load tools and techniques that I will discuss on this blog.

MuleSoft is an excellent tool to integrate real time updates (such as approved documents) from one system into another system.  MuleSoft has a very rich developer community with lots of examples, a good YouTube channel, and training …. I recommend this free 8 week course to learn the fundamentals.

We can use the Documentum REST interface to run a Documentum query, then either store the results or extract related PDF files from the system.

You can image the use cases for this set of tools:

  • Migrate content into or out of Documentum
  • Synchronize master data between systems
  • Publish content from Documentum to Box, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, etc.


Anyone new to the Documentum REST will want to use Postman to investigate some of the URLs that…

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