To sell or not to sell…

It has been 11 months since I posted my last blogpost about vulnerabilities in Documentum stack, actually, I didn’t stop researching (it is interesting, and flatters my vanity) – I just stopped posting due to following two reasons:

  • There are “gifted” employees in EMC, this employees do think they are experts in bot security and Documentum and periodically (or day by day 🙂 ) read my blog and fecklessly try to understand what is written here and somehow remediate security flaws – such attempts are doomed to failure
  • Doing the same more officially, like file vulnerability reports to CERT/CC, brings a lot of headache – I consider vulnerability researching as a hobby, so, I have no interest to participate in such dumb activities – I tried and wasn’t satisfied with the results

Moreover, I have found that this activity improves neither product nor customer experience – D2 perfectly demonstrates this point. By the way, during last 11 months I discovered about 30 vulnerabilities in Documentum products and I periodically receive e-mails like:

Good Day, Andrey. My name is Roman, I found you contacts through, where your HTTP session poisoning in EMC Documentum WDK-based applications causes arbitrary code execution and privilege elevation vulnerability was published.
I would like to offer you a collaboration that could be beneficial for both of us. I`m purchasing 0day exploits and vulnerabilities in software, big websites, routers. Would you be interested to sell it?
Looking forward to your reply.


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