Going private

Recently I have noticed that ECD/IIG/whoeveridontcare employees use information from this blog in their semi-official documents without keeping references to the original blogposts, so I decided to make this blog private starting from the 1st of April, engaged readers will able to request access – I will able to refuse.

12 thoughts on “Going private

  1. Hi Andrey, I’d like to keep reading your blogs.
    They are very interesting, even though I don’t do much Java programming any more, mostly configuration in xCP Designer.

    Best regards,

    Sander Hendriks


  2. This is not an April Fools’ Day, I suppose….
    I would like to continue reading your super interesting blog, Andrey: please, give me access to your future posts.


  3. Hey Andrey,

    It’s sad you have to take this decision, but I understand it as some peoples didn’t play the game correctly.
    So I will be happy, if you set me as one of you’re authorized reader.

    Best regards,
    Pierre Huttin


  4. Hey Andrey,

    You know what ? with the selling of Documentum to OpenText, I was fired from the company (like some other people in some other countries) and I didn’t work anymore for EMC…. so if you consider this as a bad joke it’s your choic, if you want this is my linkedin profile:


    Anyway it’s your blog and it’s your choice.

    Best regards,
    Pierre Huttin


  5. Thanks for the access Andrey – your blog is an invaluable source of tried and tested info – where on the odd occasion your code has been used as a basis for some of my work a reference to the blog has fully attributed in the source. Thanks again 🙂


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