Rumours, rumours, rumours…

Today morning I discovered an amusing article about Documentum future: Maybe OpenText Will Delight Documentum Users After All, by Virginia Backaitis, according to this article the diagram (I always thought that the purpose of any diagram is to visualise complex data/statements, it seems that I was wrong) below:

proves that OpenText will invest in Documentum! LOL 🙂

PS. Shame on FME! These guys just decided to not whistle for a wind and have silently improved their products, so impatient guys – instead of that they were need to wait two years and continue to loose money.

2 thoughts on “Rumours, rumours, rumours…

  1. “when” is not the only concern, there are also “who” and “how much”. EMC had invested “100,000 hours of engineering work” and the result is extremely poor – more than 3 years of development, GA release is buggy and contains vulnerabilities. Moreover, I would estimate the same activity as not more than 10,000 engineering hours, which is 10 times less, relying on that I can definitely say that current CS team is incompetent. The same is applicable for another activities: it is already fourth release of xCP2 and it is still unusable. So, if OpenText will continue to interact with current ECD employees they will achieve nothing.

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