We got a champion :)

Well, it seems that decision to make this blog private was bit spontaneous, however before making it I have asked a person, whose opinion I always consider as valuable, and he confirmed my concerns, so, what is done cannot be undone – I’m not going to make this blog public in spite of some former readers e-mailed me something like:

Dear Andrey,

Noticed that your post about putting your content behind the wall was no April fool joke. I understand your frustration with EMC/IIG/OpenText developers ripping off your work without attribution. Unfortunately, its us (Documentum developers) who are caught in this crossfire :-(. Your blog has been very valuable in actually learning Documentum, especially its internals. There are many occasions where doing a google search for an abstruse Documentum error your blog was the only hit with useful information to help understand, troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

I am making a humble request to not deprive other Documentum developers out there (including me) the benefit of learning from content on your blog.

The general idea is simple: chase down a vendor if you think that vendor’s documentation sucks, reading blogs improves neither documentation nor product.

But the challenge came out from there I didn’t expect – the problem is WordPress completely sucks and when I receive access requests I get something like (note that WordPress requires to register WordPress account before sending access request):

Who the hell is “nopainnodocumentum” I have no idea – notification contains neither e-mail, nor IP address, so I didn’t grant access, but yesterday one guy requested access for WordPress account which name was matching his real e-mail (except dots and “at” symbol) – nice trick 🙂

We take content seriously

This post was written on February 2016.

On last week I was participating in following conversation:

– You know Corto Romagny?
– No
– Ok. He has you as a connection on LinkedIn.
– I know, people make connections without any purpose, that is how social networks work 🙂

I still have no idea why people make connections without any purpose, but Corto Romagny shared a link to perfect youtube video:

This video is perfect, perfect in every way!

Internet Explorer on MacBook Pro:

which after a couple of seconds turns into Safari:

But something was missed … Let me demonstrate a full version: