100000 hours of engineering work

This blogppost looks foolish because I does not contain any useful information, however I was unable to miss a gem described below.

All we know that talented team have wasted more than 100000 hours of engineering work to create PostgreSQL build and finally it seems they have found a first customer who decided to install this marvel: DATEDIFF return wrong value in Content Server 7.3 + PostgreSQL 🙂

3 thoughts on “100000 hours of engineering work

  1. Maybe they forgot to put “cheap” somewhere in that statement. Worst part is that, if I remember correctly, Rohit said in Barcelona that “premium” customers were going to get DCTM 7.3 + PostgreSQL on EMC’s cloud to be sure the release was production ready by Q3. What kind of “testing” did they do in 6 months?

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  2. Maybe 100.000 (hours of engineering works) has been computed using the DATEDIFF function 🙂


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