Hardware company mantra. Part II

Pro Documentum

I thought a lot how to write continuation for previous blogpost, because I have my own OpenText experience and I’m looking forward to share it, on the other hand OpenText has recently shared their Documentum “roadmap“, so I want to share my thought on it as well. Today Alvaro de Andres has inspired me to write a blogpost about second topic, i.e. roadmap. Actually, I would completely ignore this blogpost if it was written by a sales person, who was hired a couple of months ago and has a KPI to sale as much D2 licences as possible, but statements like “migrate to D2 because you can configure it” sound ridiculous if you are an architect with 20 years of experience. Well, let’s discuss this topic more thoroughly, and let’s begin not with Documentum 🙂

Simple question: what is the worst bugtracking software ever?

I do…

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