Why you should stay clear of REST

Pro Documentum

Once again I get inspired by to write this blogpost by Alvaro de Andres Documentum 16.3 delayed until Feb 2018 blogpost – there is some “interesting discussion” about REST where you can find following opinion from another member of talented team:

Is DFS a personal target for your projects? Baseline REST is a mature offering and it has active Engineering working on it. The planet seems to be focused on a RESTful interface and the DCTM platform is meeting that focus with a set of platform APIs. As I’m sure you are aware Captiva, xCP and D2 can be access through REST interfaces.

Actually, it is not clear what Tomas meant under the word “REST” because my observations about REST are following:

  • when most people talk about REST they typically mean JSON, which is obviously wrong: it is true that in the most cases (especially when REST client is…

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