Hardware company mantra. Part II

Pro Documentum

I thought a lot how to write continuation for previous blogpost, because I have my own OpenText experience and I’m looking forward to share it, on the other hand OpenText has recently shared their Documentum “roadmap“, so I want to share my thought on it as well. Today Alvaro de Andres has inspired me to write a blogpost about second topic, i.e. roadmap. Actually, I would completely ignore this blogpost if it was written by a sales person, who was hired a couple of months ago and has a KPI to sale as much D2 licences as possible, but statements like “migrate to D2 because you can configure it” sound ridiculous if you are an architect with 20 years of experience. Well, let’s discuss this topic more thoroughly, and let’s begin not with Documentum 🙂

Simple question: what is the worst bugtracking software ever?

I do…

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Support adventures

That actually sounds ridiculous.
You ask support: Hey guys, I would like to resume using your product (and pay money for support, and, may be, I will buy extra software and license), all what I need is to get installation media to perform some tests
And answer is: Fuck off!

Alvaro de Andres' Blog

I’ve said many times that support is mostly useless, and that support metrics do more harm than good.

I’m currently involved in a migration from an old 6.0 environment to 7.x (this means that we have to install a clean 6.0 in the new servers, upgrade to 6.6 then upgrade to 7.x), so, as 6.0 is out of support, the downloads aren’t available. Of course, this means having to engage with support, while the customer approaches OpenText reps to get the installers. As expected, the support way was quite short:

Me: Can we have access to the Documentum 6.0 for Linux/Oracle installers in the download section or in the FTP?

Support: Unfortunately Documentum 6.0 is out of support .You can access the documentum content server 6.6 and later versions

From a support metric perspective, this gaves support “premium” rating:

  • Incident resolved: check.
  • Time from opening the case to closing it:…

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Hardware company mantra. Part I

Pro Documentum

Many people, I have worked with, insist that I have a following habit: if I want to prove my opinion I like to emphasise some “inaccuracies”, provided by opponent, and such amplification turns opponent’s opinion into a piece of dog crap. Let’s try do to the same with following statement:

The faith of Documentum has always been hanging around in limbo. However, it feels like this acquisition finally marks the end of the uncertainty about Documentum’s future. I am not saying this based on enthusiastic statements made by OpenText, I am saying this because the acquisition makes sense to me in many ways, and at least makes more sense than its situation with EMC. As we all know EMC is a strong hardware company, while Documentum is a software firm, and naturally, EMC didn’t support Documentum enough as it wouldn’t have served them to sell more storage. On the other…

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Degradation of Documentum developers

Pro Documentum

About two months ago I was talking with my former colleague, and he was complaining that “modern” documentum developers fails to perform basic CS routines like creating/modifying jobs or acls using IAPI scripts – instead of leveraging functionality provided by IAPI/IDQL they are relying on functionality provided by Composer or xCP designer, and in most cases results what they get do not conform their expectations (just because both Composer or xCP designer are poor tools). What do you think what is the reason of such degradation? In my opinion it is caused by the fact that EMC has stopped to publish Content Server API Reference Manual

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100000 hours of engineering work

This blogppost looks foolish because I does not contain any useful information, however I was unable to miss a gem described below.

All we know that talented team have wasted more than 100000 hours of engineering work to create PostgreSQL build and finally it seems they have found a first customer who decided to install this marvel: DATEDIFF return wrong value in Content Server 7.3 + PostgreSQL 🙂