Eradication of Illiteracy

What talented team had defined as “the information to retrieve” has a special name: projection, and, for most relational databases, names of attributes, presented in projection, are case-insensitive.

It seems that some members of talented team think that they are smart enough to read this blog and make some conclusions about security:

API> ?,c,select user_password from dm_user where user_name=USER
(1 row affected)

API> ?,c,select * from (select user_password from dm_user where user_name=USER)
(1 row affected)

But all their attempts are doomed to failure:

API> ?,c,select USER_PASSWORD from dm_user where user_name=USER
AAAAEAjkr5it6wBqYfLetO/ob9j+75axyTIlb6WpnS8vLcP58ppmenSigXCm4pT1Q3nG ...

API> readquery,c,select * from (select * from dm_user where user_name=USER)
API> next,c,q0
API> get,c,q0,user_password
AAAAEAjkr5it6wBqYfLetO/ob9j+75axyTIlb6WpnS8vLcP58ppmenSigXCm4pT1Q3nGK ...

100000 hours of engineering work

This blogppost looks foolish because I does not contain any useful information, however I was unable to miss a gem described below.

All we know that talented team have wasted more than 100000 hours of engineering work to create PostgreSQL build and finally it seems they have found a first customer who decided to install this marvel: DATEDIFF return wrong value in Content Server 7.3 + PostgreSQL 🙂

“Talented” – what does it mean?

Have noticed an odd tendency to use “talented” epithet when OpenText reps talk about former EMC/IIG/ECD employees, some examples:

OpenText Strengthens EIM Portfolio with Completion of ECD Acquisition, by Mark Barrenechea:

Along with product enhancements and a worldwide customer base of more than 5,600, the acquisition brings 2,000 talented ECD employees to the OpenText family. Together, we will be over 10,000 professionals strong, focused on customer success in EIM and enabling the digital world.

Documentum and OpenText for Life Sciences – Moving Beyond FUD, by Jaleel Shujath:

To summarize, the OpenText Documentum for Life Science Solution Suite has the investment it needs and a talented team to drive its functionality forward. Additionally, we’ll continue to help Life Sciences organizations realize the potential of EIM to deliver the real benefits of Digital Transformation.

Why does this epithet confuse me? I’m not sure about other countries (or nationalities), but for Russians, when we are talking about “talent”, we mean some perspectives rather than professionalism or achievements, for example the phrase “talented scientist” causes our imagination to draw a character of a student or postgraduate, who has some perspectives, but we definitely do not imagine a honoured elder. So, I decided to investigate what does the “talented” epithet mean in different languagescountries and have found a totally weird interpretation:

British informal People regarded as sexually attractive or as prospective sexual partners.
‘most Saturday nights I have this urge to go on the hunt for new talent’


Mature product :)

First time when I had faced with REFRESH_JMS_CONFIG_LIST RPC-command my thoughts were: what an idiot implemented this? What was the point to increase refresh interval upon failure? Why do not take advantage of application listeners and to not perform REFRESH_JMS_CONFIG_LIST call automatically upon JMS startup? But it seems that in 7.3 EMC has gone even further: