Docker and Documentum. Part III

If my memory serves me right, last time I promised to demonstrate how it is possible to maintain networking in Docker environment, but didn’t keep that promise. Actually, I realised that using any kind of external tools to maintain networking in Docker environment is completely impractical and decided to wait for native support of “static” ip-address assignments in Docker. And finally, Docker team released this capability in 1.10. Cool.

If you are going to use Docker it is good idea to consider following suggestions:

Surprisingly, Documentum installer 7.2 does not support Oracle XE (latest Oracle XE version is, lowest Oracle version supported by Documentum installer 7.2 is, hopefully, I was able to manage this mistake.



Today when I was reading a ECN post:

We are facing the following issue in our environment. The Content server version is 7.2 on Linux. This environment was upgraded from 6.7 about 5 months back…. bla-bla-bla something about stability and performance…

I have remembered that during last year I had participated in resolution of similar problems two or three times.
Here is a root cause: Randomness in virtual machines (don’t pay much attention to “virtual”)
Why did this happen after migration from 6.7?
The answer is simple: in D7 SSL connections are enabled by default, so, D7 consumes more entropy.
What to do?
Check Marginalia page.